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Hey! I'm Holly, the artist behind TriBelleStyle.

TriBelleStyle is all about creative appreciation. 

There are 3 main focuses highlighted within the brand. Fashion, Art , and Beauty. Through my brand I aim to experience the arts that excite the world and are essential to every day beauty. Through these 3 lenses, TriBelleStyle explores and challenges social norms on what is considered fashionable, beautiful, and trendy through the perspective of a black woman, eclectic artist, body positive agent, plus size fashion fan and all around lover of creative outlets. I will share the best tips, tricks, looks and practices that I can find to help promote body positivity and self love, art that inspires, and incite into the love and lifestyle of the everyday woman. This is a safe space to just be yourself. I hope my personal journey with TriBelleStyle inspires you to continue to step into things that excite you.

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